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Our qualified therapists use comprehensive diagnostic techniques and will carefully select a treatment method to restore balance to your body and trigger your body’s natural healing response.

Serena Joe


BHSc Acupuncture, Dip. Qi Gong, Dip. Tuina.
Member of Acupuncture NZ, Full Circle, AMH (Acupuncture for Mental Health) & Neurolab, ACC Treatment Provider.

“The most satisfying part of my job is working in partnership with each client and making a positive difference to their lives by taking them on a journey to achieve good health.”

I have over 10 years experience as an Acupuncturist. My previous career was in the retail banking industry in various management roles. After experiencing the challenges faced in a stressful corporate environment, I looked for ways to create a better balance in my life by exploring complimentary therapies and found acupuncture. Acupuncture fascinated me because of the profound effect it had on increasing my energy levels while keeping body and mind relaxed. This experience inspired me to train as an Acupuncturist so that I could help others experience the benefits of this ancient form of medicine.

I enjoy working with children and specialise in paediatrics (treating children from birth through to teenage years). I am also passionate about women’s health, fertility and mental health.

At my clinic you will be nurtured in a professional, warm and caring environment that encourages healing and delivers long-term beneficial health gains.

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Nicola Brownlow


BHSc Acupuncture
Member of Acupuncture NZ, ACC Treatment Provider

“My passion as a practitioner lies with giving a platform and space for your body to be open to healing.  I believe the centre of wellbeing comes from the calm within.”

I am an experienced Acupuncturist having graduated from the NZ School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Wellington in 2010.  

My interest in TCM grew from personal experience of success with digestion, skin and stress related conditions with a background interest of the acknowledgment that good health derives from the internal balance of body and mind dynamics. 

After gaining a Bachelor of Health Science acupuncture my passion for fresh perspectives, travel and culture led me to practice onboard cruise ships.  Invaluable knowledge was gained on a multitude of pain conditions treating many patients over a 5 year period.  

A busy ACC registered practitioner here in Wellington since 2016,  I have helped with acute and chronic injuries, treating pain and inflammation. I have an interest in a holistic approach being most beneficial to all conditions, with a belief of the importance in combining the effectiveness of layering treatment with bodywork, mindfulness, as well as micronutrient replenishment and detoxifying the elimination systems.  I enjoy treating various conditions to help people regain their sense of self.  

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