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Despite the uncertainty we are facing, the most important thing that still remains is our health. We really miss seeing our clients and looking after you in the clinic. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to carry out treatment until we reach Alert 2 level, so right now, we are unsure when the clinic will be re-opening. We will keep you posted.

To stay connected with our clients and ensure you continue to receive the best treatment and care, we are now taking bookings for virtual sessions online. ​
Mei Ling Online Wellness ​is personalised to meet your needs and can include all or any of the following services:


There’s so much we can do without needles! We will be guiding you through specific acupressure points that you will be applying to yourself during the session. So, you are actually receiving a treatment while we are doing this together! This will assist you to stimulate your body’s healing response to help restore the energy flow in your body. You will be able to apply these acupressure tips anytime you feel the need.

Qi Gong

We love Qi Gong, because it’s a gentle exercise that brings awareness to breath and movement to cultivate and move qi. It may help to improve your balance, regulate your blood pressure, relax your muscles, ease stress and anxiety; plus help to boost your immune system.

TCM Dietary & Lifestyle Advice

According to Bob Flaws in ​The Tao of Healthy Eating: Dietary Wisdom According to Traditional Chinese Medicine,​ “unless one’s diet is well adjusted, no amount of herbs, acupuncture, or other medicines and treatments can achieve a complete and lasting cure.” Based on your body’s constitution, we can also discuss the types of foods and share receipes that you may wish to include in your daily meal plan to help with your overall health goals.

Chinese Herbs & Supplement Consult & Prescription

Chinese herbs and supplements may also be prescribed according to your needs. This will be couriered directly to your home from our preferred health suppliers.

Key Take Outs delivered to your inbox

An email will be written up to summarise the key take outs of your ​Mei Ling Online Wellness​ session as well as additional information and links to useful resources to help you on your health journey.



This offer has been discounted for the month of April and May to support you in this time of uncertainty.


 Mei Ling Wellness Online
  • Mei Ling Online Initial Consult (60 mins) – $125 $100
  • Mei Ling Online Follow Up (45 mins) – $90 $70
  • Mei Ling Online Follow Up (30 mins) – $75 $50
Mei Ling Qi Gong Online
  • Qi Gong Session (30 mins) – $75 $50
  • Qi Gong Group Session* (30 mins) – $40 $25
    *cost per person, class size 2 – 5 people
Mei Ling Paediatrics Online
  • Paediatrics Initial Online Consult (60 mins) – $125 $100
  • Paediatrics Online Follow Up (30 mins) – $75 $50